Miesa Drops New R&B Single “Blind”

Miami based R&B artist Miesa just dropped a hypnotic new track entitled “Blind” which is from her upcoming EP and explores the ups and downs of romance and the relatable feelings tied to skewed perceptions during the infatuation stage. Produced by Viirgos, who is known for his work with superstars Arianna Grande and Nicki Minaj, the song has all the components of a catchy, intoxicating R&B love ballad reminiscent of unforgettable classics mixed with contemporary flair.
Miesa confides, “Blind” is one of those songs that feels like everyone’s story and no one’s story all at the same time,” she adds, “sometimes in relationships the picture could be blurry.”  

Miesa has been performing since childhood and was born into a musical family. Signed to Siri Music Group, she has been releasing singles since 2013, garnering attention in the music industry and beyond with her heartfelt songwriting and an undeniable ability to connect with a wide audience.

Listen to Miesa’s new single “Blind”