Rich Chambers – “I’m So Tired”

Rock and Roll will always be.. Dig it to the End~  Rich Chambers brings back that Classic Rock sound of the 60’s melded with the  80’s, redefining that retro vibe of rock with modern edges.  A little vintage, a melodic time machine that encapsulates the rhythm and vocal prowess of Paul McCartney, Rick Springfield and John Cougar Mellencamp. The combination of Guitar and vocals are a nod  back to the days when rock and roll mattered. “I’m So Tired” is Rich Chambers’ direct response to the insurrection  mob of Americans storming Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021. It is an infectious, driving rock n’ roll song with an accompanying video that is brimming with relevant social commentary. The single is quickly picking up traction on US College radio while the powerful video is gaining countless new viewers every day. Who says rock n’ roll can’t be meaningful? Rich Chambers definitely doesn’t!

His new song “I’m So Tired” not only will take you back to the Rockin 80’s but has an important message as well. As Rich puts it …. I’m So Tired” is my direct response to the angry mob that stormed Capital Hill in Washington, DC, on January 6th. Like many, I sat in front of my TV screen that day with my mouth agape, not quite believing what I was witnessing….not only that, we are all trying to make sense of this ever-changing societal landscape in the middle of a mammoth global pandemic, which adds an extra unprecedented stress into the mix for everyone. All of this simply culminated for me on January 6th, sparking the genesis of “I’m So Tired” and its accompanying video.

Catch the inspiring ..impactful music video here… coming soon to VEVO

A bit about Rich…. From humble and modest beginnings to redefining 60s and classic rock, Rich Chambers’ musical story is not unlike that of countless other musicians, or anyone in any career for that matter. Discovering a passion for the guitar at age 10, and an even greater passion for songwriting at 14, he embarked on a life-long commitment to music and songwriting. Like any successful individual, he is all about commitment, dedication, hard work, maintaining perspective, and believing in himself. Chambers’ journey has not been without its bumps though. After completing high school, he was so sure he would be the next big thing, until countless nights playing in many cheesy dives, for at best a round or two of cheap draught beer, taught him otherwise. It was then he made an important, life-changing decision—he went back to school, which eventually led to a bachelor’s degree in English and later a master’s degree in Humanities. As Chambers so enthusiastically always says, “education rocks!”

Along the way, Chambers’ rock n’ roll journey always kept moving. As a solo artist, and previously with his band Half-Hour Late, he released numerous albums and singles. His most successful song to date, has been his cover of “Snow Miser vs. Heat Miser” from his first album, ‘Santa’s Rockin’ Band,’ which was released soon after his first university graduation in the days before Spotify and on-line music sales and streaming. Looking to tap back into this success, Chambers went full circle to re-record and release an updated ‘Santa’s Rockin’ Band’ in 2020 that not only included a remastered version of his “Snow Miser vs Heat Miser” hit, but a newly penned original, “It’s Christmas Time (All Over the World),” In January 2021, following on the heels of his successful 2020 Christmas album, Chambers released the socially conscious rocker, “I’m So Tired.”

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