Yoga… A Love Story

The good that has come out of the pandemic is creativeness, so comes the first novel from creative writer Doug Davis. A modern day mystical Love story  that  takes the reader from the world of drugs and prostitution in the West to the serene landscapes of the North-eastern India. Making the reader realize there is a bigger plan for all of us and try as we may it can not change one’s destiny.  

The book is slated to come out soon  and you can preOrder

The novel YOGA: A Love Story ~ Tells the tale of  John Yogacara Asanga. A direct descendent of the eponymous saint Asanga, John is yet to realize his destiny. For now, he is just a young man grappling with his part-Indianness in an American world. Through the pages of this book, we accompany John on his journey from the safety of Kokomo, Indiana, the city he called home, through the world of drugs and prostitution in Chicago and his days in prison in America to an ashram in India where he meets Aanya, his soulmate from a previous life, to finally discovering his destiny as an Asanga.   From Indiana to India to the centre of the earth and back, Yoga, a Love Story takes you on a journey that will enthral you and also open to you the secrets of yoga, the universe and of love and life. 

Some insight from the author…. This is my story in all its nakedness. It is the truth as much as I remember it. I tell you this because it’s been many years since it occurred and sometimes, even I don’t believe that it happened. Yet, it did. All of the mystical, magical details are true.

About the Author….Douglas W. Davis is a writer, father, husband and a constant spiritual seeker. He has a passion for Eastern and Western religions, particularly how they are intertwined. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California with his family and his two poodles. His lifelong goal is to unite all religious and spiritual seekers by revealing they all stem from the same tree.