Mad For MOD

“You should always look their best at all times, you never know who you are going to meet.. So make a Good Impression” that is one thing that was driven into me by not only my Nana but my Mum too. Sadly that does not seem to be the case today as there are people who go out looking like bullocks,  wearing  pyjama bottoms, a ragged shirt and slippers or putting on a pair of joggers with holes all about. Now there is  a time and place for that and that falls under the rule of being sick, not feeling well etc otherwise as best put by Jerry Sienfield in the Iconic comedy TV show to George when he was wearing a joggers aka sweat pants and shirts all the time “You’re Just telling the world I give UP!”   Sure there is a comfort thing and this editor totally gets it however one does not have to look like a slob either.

Sure there may have been some questionable fashion trends in the 70’s and 80’s  when I was growing up, even the 90s there were some interesting ones but at least they, at the time, were stylish and trendy and NO ONE was wearing their PJ’s out the door to go to the stores, the malls, out to eat, the movies or what have you.  Sure people wore joggers  aka sweatpants but they were actually jogging or exercising while doing that and they got out of those when they were done.

If you look good  you feel good, that is pretty plain and simple. The same can be said for the rules of fashion, make sure things fit well and are not boxy. When it comes to colour, consult a colour wheel too. It is usually ones next to another, two in and two out  or across from another, primary black, white and tan usually compliment one another. But don’t be afraid to experiment either, that is one thing that can be said for musicians and artists they are always pushing the fashion boundaries making bold statements and starting trends. From the Beatles in their suits to the leisure suits of the disco era, the age of the Punk rocker in the 70’s….Cher wearing Bob Mackie, Joan Jett rockin it…. To Madonna making waves… Annie Lennox bending Gender norms in clothes  just to name a few. 

Oh and when it comes to sandals NEVER ever wear socks with sandals that are just not a good look. 

In the MOD section of Crash Bang Wallop we will be looking at fashion, fashion trends, fashion designers,  gents wear, ladies wear and of course my passion… Tartans from design to kilts and trousers and of course Argyll Jackets and vests.  

A quick note… Kilts look good on everyone, they are unisex and comfortable to wear along with looking stylish and classic.  You can wear whatever taran you like because either directly or indirectly you are related to that clan but you can find out more on that via our sister site Celtic Nations Magazine and my blog there.