Prince Thierry Singer de Polignac – Spencer

Hello to all, I introduce myself Prince Thierry Singer de Polignac – Spencer (Scotland – France).
I am a painter and sculptor, but also an organizer of international exhibitions all over the world and an artistic agent of promotion, for many artists.

Considering the enormous difficulties to exhibit in galleries these days, because of the repeated confinements that harm the artists and prevent them from unveiling their latest creations to the public, with a colleague we have created exhibitions during the presentation in virtual galleries that allow a wide worldwide dissemination on many websites and video channels such as: YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. without forgetting a wide dissemination on many Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and many more channels.

To this day, thanks to our partners: a radio station in Colombia called “Estudio36” and our partner magazine “El Café Latino”, (French – Spanish languages), without forgetting our galleries which help us to diffuse on the sites the virtual exhibitions, and which are named: “International Art Gallery” in Paris (France) and in the region of Auvergne, the gallery “ALPHA” (France).

But soon with these partners who expose artists from all over the world, and who benefit from our networks, we will soon open with our Latin-American partners many museums in South America, Central America and the Caribbean, without forgetting that India will soon join our networks. All this allows us to highlight the artistic creations of many foreign artists and to promote them to the forefront, whether they are emerging or professional.
Participating in many exhibitions around the world, this has allowed me to have the confidence of many countries around the world who want me to help many foreign artists, and in exchange we organize many exhibitions around the world citing the different organizations that participate jointly with us.

Now we are in the first international organizers of physical and virtual exhibitions around the world, and many foreign countries show their confidence and come to join us.

Article by Prince Thierry Singer de Polignac – Spencer – Scotland-France, World Renowned Artist and Artistic ambassador for many countries of the world. Translated from French