The Fast 5 With Charles Boulevard

Charles Boulevard are three musicians from Prague, Czech Republic and Dublin, Ireland. The line up consists of Pavel Holada Lead Vocals, Guitars and Bass. Berny PB Drums/Percussion/Vocals and Dermot Condron Guitar/Vocals. Dermot from Dublin met Pavel and Berny P.B. (whose band was a part of the Czech club scene) while working in Prague and after a long friendship and several musical collaborations they have joined forces to create their showpiece with Charles Boulevard. Charles write their own music and all three members contribute to the song writing. The fact that they come from different cultures and musical backgrounds has enriched their sound and they have succeeded in weaving together an intriguing tapestry of musical styles.  United in their affection for that golden era vintage rock sound the band have put their own identity on the music to create something truly fresh and original.

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Why did you start to do music?

Music is passion. Music is life for us. I think it was probably meant to be that way. We must play and write songs to feel we are alive. Honestly, we tried to quit once, but we found it was simply impossible.

Why do you continue to do music?

 From the same reason. We cannot stop. You cannot write and play music for business or because of fashion. It would not last long. You must have the imagination, you must simply have fun performing,
communicating, enjoying life. Basically, music is the part of us we cannot miss.

Who is your musical idol?
We’ve had many, but having an idol helps you in the beginning. Sooner or later you must stand on your own feet. The idols are no longer in the picture. But there are people we respect a lot. Mike Campbell, Bruce
Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Adam Duritz – just to name a few.

Who do you look up to in the industry?
Anyone who hasn’t lost his face. Who stayed true to his passion.

What influences your music?
Anything in fact. There is so much going on around us, and not only musical stuff. Sounds, instruments, stories, rhythm, struggles, whatever. There is a story behind each song we’ve written. The whole
process of arrangements is also fascinating.