Texas Bombshell Lady Redneck Releases “I Dented Your Truck”

Stephanie Lee aka Lady Redneck will release her latest single on June 25th, 2021. MTS Management Group will handle promotions.

Stephanie Lee aka Lady Redneck, writing songs about her downhome roots and everyday life comes naturally. Raised in a musical family from the small town of Howe, Idaho (population 23), Stephanie grew up playing mandolin, fiddle, bass, guitar and drums, performing all over the pacific northwest in Dusty Boots. The family band sold over 40,000 units!

Now, living in Dallas, Texas, the blonde bombshell has released a string of solo singles, including 2021’s cover of SixpenceNoneTheRicher’s “Kiss Me.” On June 25th, 2021, Lady Redneck will release her latest, “I Dented Your Truck.” The quirky, tongue-in-cheek song, delivered with a memorable Betty Boop-meets-Madonna’s “Santa Baby” vocal style, is set to be the singer’s breakout release.

“I’ll give you a good idea of where Lady Redneck is coming from,” said Michael Stover of MTS. “She played me 2 songs she was working on: The first being a mashup of ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ and ‘The Thunder Rolls’, and the other being ‘I Dented Your Truck.’ I thought to myself, ‘Who IS this girl?’ She has got mad talent for both writing and performing, and she does more than just sing a song. She puts her personality into every performance. The thing that stood out for me, on ‘truck” was the unique delivery. There’s nothing on country radio that sounds quite like Lady Redneck. I am so thrilled to be working with her!”

Stephanie Lee is also a dark chocolate lover and a workout-a-holic. She loves her family, her Savior, and her country.