Six Time Losers Record Latest Single in Iconic Georgia Studio

Country band Six Time Losers finds themselves combining Americana flames with fierce folk and bluegrass, and all the pedal steel of a traditional 90’s country song with the release of their newest single, “What’s Left.” Recorded in the iconic Capricorn Sound Studios in Macon, Georgia,“What’s Left” is the first offering from their upcoming November 12th album, “Only First Names Die,”Six Time Losers showcases each band member’s unique talent. Combining saxophone with steel guitar, Six Time Losers astonish with their distinctive sound. Crafting a musical masterpiece with an original sound, “What’s Left” puts a magnifying glass on what remains of a broken relationship. Realizing love , Six Time Losers craft a lyrical picture that encompasses the purity of love. Florida boy and a Georgia girl / rode off into this great big world…” the lead singer croons, acknowledging love doesn’t start with broken hearts. 
After losing love, the story describes what remains of the relationship, exploring the feelings of deception and loss. By combining a bluesy and country sound, along with bluegrass elements, Six Time Losers shines a light on the darker feelings felt in the lyrics. It’s easy to lose yourself in broken love, and Six Time Losers processes those emotions in “What’s Left.” 
“What’s Left” is available on all platforms NOW! Listen here:  For more, follow Six Time Losers at and find them on Facebook at