Mama Said … Kelly Monrow

Actress Kelly Dowdle, best known for her roles in Billions, Lucifer, American Crime Story, the upcoming film Three Days Rising, Scandal Made Me Famous, Big Momma’s House 2 and more has released a new single “Mama Said” under the moniker, Kelly Monrow.

“I was in Nashville doing a co-write with my producer Sinclair and my mom happened to be in town visiting. I was telling Sinclair how my mom raised us as a single woman and what a positive influence she has had on my life. I started firing off some of her sayings and we found ourselves laughing and writing them down. We took those verbatim and turned them into the lyrics of ‘Mama Said.’ So I guess she basically wrote this song, Thanks Mom!” says Kelly.  She adds, “The coolest part is that my mom got to watch me lay down the final vocals in the studio, which was super special. One of the lyrics is ‘go to bed, it can wait till morning,’ and that’s really been a great piece of advice. My mom was tough growing up and always reminded me to make my own way and to not rely on anything outside of myself. This song holds meaning to me because I wouldn’t be who I am today without the lessons from my Mama.”

Kelly Dowdle is a native Texan. She attended the University of Texas where she received her undergraduate degree in Radio, Television, and Film. Kelly hopes to inspire others through her creative work to not care about the outcome but to stay focused in the joy of the process, always following your heart and doing what makes you happy.