Singer-Songwriter & Producer Amrit Ghatore Releases New Track ‘Far Away’

The young Londoner has seen success with his previous tracks ‘Tell Me’ and ‘It’s Ok.’

Amrit Ghatore is due to release his brand new single ‘Far Away’ on 30th April. Troubled by the farmers’ protests in India, the aspiring electro-pop artist and karate instructor calls for restoring the fragile connection with our roots. The young Londoner has seen success with his previous tracks ‘Tell Me’ and ‘It’s Ok’ gaining the attention of the likes of London Live TV, BBC Radio Leeds and BBC Asian Network. Composed and produced entirely by Ghatore, the track is mixed and mastered at Allegro Studio.

Upbeat and energetic, ‘Far Away’ relies on uplifting electronic beats and catchy melodies as the backdrop of Ghatore’s calls to align with the truth that lies within us all. The result of profound inner reflection, the single portrays the complex relationship we have with our own selves in the hectic materialistic world we live in. Fueled by subtle instrumental nods to his cultural heritage, the song becomes a powerful allegory for the troubled fate of the Indian farmers having their roots pulled out in recent events. Amrit Ghatore says:

“As we climb the ladder of materialistic success, we can sometimes lose track of our roots and who we truly are. Our roots help ground us and shape who we are. Right now, this song is a wake up call to the inner self to re-engage with those roots.”

Amrit started honing his songwriting abilities at the age of 15 writing pop songs, but it was learning holy hymns at home which inspired him to learn the dilruba and include it in his music. Incorporating the discipline used in his karate training to keep pushing forward, Amrit credits music with unfolding a more tender side to the hard exterior which initially shaped his martial arts career. When not working on his music or modeling Amrit can be found in the dojo as a martial arts instructor. Forever on the move, the Londoner is also a signed model, previously working with the likes of Harrods, and even performing stunt work for Idris Elba on the Sky Atlantic show ‘Guerilla’.

A reflection of his multi-talented personality, Amrit Gathore’s music influences include pop icons Michael Jackson, The Weeknd and Sia, as well as renowned film composer Hanz Zimmer. Follow his socials for further updates.

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