Izzie’s Caravan “Return To Midway”: Coming To A Jukebox Near You!

The rolling toms and dramatic piano featured in its introduction set a somewhat theatrical tone for “Return to Midway” by Izzie’s Caravan. Harkening back to 70s era Jim Steinman, the track opens up into a chorus that swings with a hazy swathe of Hammond organ, guitars and hand claps. Harnessing the band’s trademark indie aesthetic, Return to Midway is always cool but never strained. Vocally, the delivery perhaps resembles early Black Sabbath, yet assumes a unique quality in the absence of a heavy-metal machine. Such is the creative beast that Izzie’s Caravan has manifested; a skillful curation of musical highlights from the past, enhanced by modern artistic ingenuity. “Return to Midway” by Izzie’s Caravan can be located in a playlist between “Pinball Wizard,” “War Pigs” and “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” on a dusty old jukebox hidden somewhere at the back of the arcade. Plug it into the wall, and fire it up. You won’t be disappointed.