Poetry of Fabienne Eva Wolf

With permission of my cousin Eva I am posting some of her poetry. Eva lives in Paris France… she is a Nucelear Physisist, a free spirit who is extremely talented with the pen when it comes to Poetry. Making one think and ponder on many things….

Here are a few of her Poems

this one is called Father and written after a meeting with her father who she has a difficult relationship with due to how he has been his entire life

Father  I see you again  out of obligation by duty on my inner command  I see you again Cold look Hidden snake  Ready to bite I see you again stirring up discord Fomenting conflict Throwing oil on the fire I see you again Tired face  Contradicting as usual Your words of welcome  I see you again And still hate you so much You and your business  You and your relationships I see you again So little a father  Never tender, never sincere, Jealous of others. I see you again Inveterate mythomaniac,  Puppet showman On the stage of life. I see you again Ready to tear apart what’s left Of the family you founded  And push it to the edge of the precipice  I see you again Dear Father, dear anything Who doesn’t deserve this name That I call by his first name I see you again Having done my duty To visit you: You have betrayed me so much! I see you again To try to erase the past.  To stem the lies,  To heal my wounds. Oh how it is a waste! The liars always win.

Eva composes about a plethora of issues and topics here is another one

Silence… Lift your feet without noise. Leave your mouth in silence. Listen with all your strength To the flight of the wind! Whatever you live, be that nothingness.  The universe will not crush you If you wrap yourself around your soul. The storm will not fall, If you recognise the power of heaven.  You will be saved from sadness If you bow to the moon. You will be eternal  If you sacrifice yourself to the world.

Poetry is there to make you think and ponder the world and that is one thing my talented cousin Eva can do. More to come from cousin Eva.