Neon Black Dreams’ “Endlessly:” A Chapter From 80s Concept Album

“Endlessly” is the new ballad from Synthpop / Synthwave band Neon Black Dreams. Opening with a melancholic piano melody, the song, according to the band, is about “never letting go of your heart and trusting that true love will always reunite the heart. The dual meaning of the lyrics also mirrors love with the power of addiction to demonstrate the power of both.”

“Endlessly’s” beautiful, haunting piano at the outset really sets the stage for the drama that unfolds in the 4 1/2 minute track. Dipping into the keyboard soundbank of my favorite era, the 80s, Roland DX7 arpeggios and synth bass stabs pick up the melody, introducing the seductive vocals of Yara. Evoking pop production akin to Berlin’s monster hit, “Take My Breath Away”, but in a minor key, Neon Black Dreams has a throwback gem on their hands. The stylish music video is a stunning performance clip of the duo. “Endlessly” is a perfect peek into the band’s concept debut album.

The story being two souls forever destined to find each other through multiple lifetimes and destinies. The debut album is set in the late 80’s and details their thrilling and tragic story from Yara’s point of view. While each song is meant to stand on its own, the experience takes the listener through each chapter of this epic story creating a soundtrack to a truly emotional experience.

Neon Black Dreams grabs your nostalgia and resurrects it anew. They continue to grow across all social media with their unique blend of influences. Blending influences of Madison Beer, Depeche Mode, The Eurythmics and John Carpenter. They have just finished their first full-length album “Kiss of the Universe”.

The band began during late 2020 as JJ searched for the perfect voice to tell the story. In early 2021, Yara joined the band, and the future was set. The pair come from wildly different musical backgrounds. With music that combines Pop, Synthwave, Post-rock with R’n’B infused vocals to create another dimension of sound. The band does not accept musical genre limits but rather allows the power and feeling of the songs to dictate the sound. JJ brings his love of films scores and synth pioneers to try and capture the raw emotion of the characters in the story. Coming from a classical music education and musical engineer background, he felt this project needed to be shared with the world. Yara takes on the role and emotions of the lead character taking listeners on a journey with her. Her fiery attitude and vocal confidence provide an energizing addition to the band. Each song was written to tell the overarching story, but intently each song also has 2 other meanings. One meaning can be taken from the song without context of the album and the lead characters. And the other meaning is always something very personal to JJ that may or may not be evident from the first listen. The band wrote every song that they will grow with each listen and always something new to be discovered. Neon Black Dreams’ live show is filled with energy, emotions, tears, and lasers. They look forward to playing for fans across the world and letting the story grow. Every chapter of the story will be released with a new video to engage listeners and keep them craving the next chapter.

Neon Black Dreams – members
JJ – Keys, Synths and Backing Vocals
Yara Glorien – Lead and Backing Vocal