County Wide is Moving Through Life at “Fool Speed”

County Wide is a band made up of five close friends and that can be felt in their music. A freewheeling sound created by the chemistry in the band is off the charts. The feeling could not translate more directly than in their new “Fool Speed”. Of course fool speed is a play on traveling at full speed; the southern rock band takes this saying and twists it into a relatable track. “Fool Speed” is an anthem for the salad days. Anthony Campbell, the bass guitarist for County Wide, lays out the feeling that “Fool Speed” brings the listener saying: “It takes me straight back to simpler times when I could just blow off my job and go hang with the boys or chase girls. I love a song that can take me back in time and I feel like this one does just that.” 

Everyone is chasing that feeling again. That nostalgic glaze over your memories can be brought back by any one sense. The smell of home cooking. The sight of your old friends together. The song that you forgot about but would listen to everyday in high school. That feeling is deeply distilled in “Fool Speed” and the genre of southern rock is known for its ability to take anyone back to the simpler times. The tone of “Fool Speed” is not the only thing that makes it special. The song itself and the musicianship of County Wide brings a lot to the table.

The guitars are full of southern twang and a sharp distortion. The bass and drums provide a clean groove for lead singer Aron Bunch to flow his classic vocal delivery over. “Fool Speed’s” lyrics tell the story that many people dread and are all too familiar with. Calling out of work to spend the day relaxing until you see your boss later in the day ruining your perfect plan. I am sure we have all been there or had a close call similar to the story and it nearly ruins your day. But County Wide could care less as they just drive away knowing that ship has sailed. Care free and energetic “Fool Speed” is available now on all streaming platforms. Take a listen & follow the band @countywideband for more music:

Article written by Ryan Archer