Nashville-based Singer Songwriter, Producer Dom Colizzi Releases “Demons” Single

Nashville-based artist/producer Dom Colizzi drops his “Demons” single Friday, May 14th. Colizzi was the subject of a 2015 short film, “Somebody’s Hero.”

“Where did all these demons come from?” asks Dom Colizzi on his latest single, “Demons.” But if you know the talented singer, songwriter and producer’s backstory, that question is painfully obvious. Dom grew up in Maine, and because of a severe lisp and stutter, he was often bullied throughout high school. At age 19, after dealing with severe depression, Colizzi underwent surgery, where doctors cut the cord under his tongue to correct the speech impediments. It was during his recovery from surgery that he moved to Los Angeles, where he found his singing voice and songwriting abilities. Dom has since been a spokesperson for the anti-bullying cause, traveling with the “Somebody’s Hero” tour, enlightening and inspiring his audiences with his story of overcoming those “Demons.” The single that showcases Colizzi’s clear tenor voice, writing chops and production skills drops on Friday, May 14th, 2021.

In 2015, Dom Colizzi was the subject of an independent short film directed by Zane Stephens (Vampire Diaries, The Internship.) Colizzi’s music was also featured in the film, titled “Somebody’s Hero.” 

 Dom has since composed two additional movie soundtracks, as well as being a featured lead in the Nashville Stormlight Pictures series, “Twelve.”

In addition to being a vocalist, writer and producer, Dom Colizzi is a multi-instrumentalist, playing piano, guitar and percussion. Colizzi is signed as a composer/producer with The Score Keepers for Sync Licensing. He lives in Nashville with his wife and three children.

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