FaB Delivers An Artful Experience On “This Wicked Pantomime”

As Fitzsimon and Brogan traverse their musical journey, each step takes them further down a road of
identity. From their previous offerings of shabby-chic pop melodies infused with a nostalgic rock
foundation, this journey has once again redefined these two artists as fashionable troubadours pushing
the bounds of pop music and art. With their latest offering, This Wicked Pantomime, already released,
Fitzsimon and Brogan have encapsulated a raw, unflappable sound which channels the post-modern
influences and the retro styling’s which make this act, a fresh, welcome addition to my playlists. This
Wicked Pantomime
is a 14 original song collection featuring the elegant vocals of Bee Brogan coupled with the diverse melodies and instrumentation of songwriter Neil Fitzsimon. A relatively under-produced
album focusing on raw, off-the-floor live sound helps drive the indie feel from stadium ready atmosphere.

Lead-off track, “Dancing Partner”, snags the listeners attention with a clever guitar riff introducing Bee
Brogan’s opening clever lyricism. Some girls not having to worry about what others feel about them, as
they dance on through the night, the theme of this visceral opening track; “Hatred is another word for
Desire”. “Desolate Angel” combines twangy guitar bends with unique lyrical phrasing encapsulating the
theme of not fitting in and dancing to your own beat. Pay special attention to the astute use of tempo
change midway through this track, as the rock drops off and FaB carry a funk not common to their
sound. Again, a glimpse into the growth of these veteran musicians as they continually evolve their sound
and identity. This Wicked Pantomime is an artful experience, living in the trendy Upper East Side while
rooting itself in the mainstream to appeal to a wide audience.

–Lee Callaghan