TLUXX Has A Perfect Banger With “Avalon”

In recent years, dance music seems to be taking a back seat to more laid-back, subdued, moody
music. At least as far as mainstream hits are concerned. That is not to say there aren’t exceptions, but
the days of Bad Romance (Lady Gaga), Til The World Ends (Britney Spears) and Blow (Kesha) seem to be
history at this point. I really do miss hearing house tinged, club hits on the radio. They always give me a
nostalgic feeling and make me want to start moving. In the more recent past, hits like “This Is What You
Came For” (Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna) or “Where Are You Now?” (Skrillex feat. Justin Bieber), were
successful in making collaborations with EDM artists and major pop stars almost a sure recipe for
success. With TLUXX’s new single “Avalon” featuring vocals by Brieanna Grace, I think we have a bright
and shining example of that recipe being executed successfully. Music that is simply a pure joy to listen to.

TLUXX is an LA-based artist, and he has a juggernaut of a new single on his hands titled “Avalon.” It is both short and on-the-point. Those are two attributes that I appreciate in most songs (if I want to hear the chorus a hundred times, I will simply start the song over). The song truly has the best of both worlds: It is both upbeat and slightly moody. Lyrically, it is a song about letting love in the City of Angels. It starts out with a lovely duet between an acoustic guitar and a piano. As previously stated, the single features vocals from another incredibly talented LA-based artist named Brieanna Grace. Her vocals are both crystal clear and vulnerable. She has a very bright tone and delivers a wonderful performance on this track. She brings life to the song and gives it a delicate sensibility. After the first verse concludes, the drop hits. That is when the steady beat overflows into an infectious melody of pure dance perfection. The juxtaposition of the melancholy, sweet verses and the hyperactive, house chorus results in a wickedly effective dance hit.

Overall, “Avalon” makes for a perfect club banger. It has a message that almost everyone can
relate to and musical production that is both clear and concise. This style of music has a sparkling track
record of success and I see no reason why this incredible collaboration between these two talented
artists shouldn’t be the anthem of the summer. It has everything that a hit-in-the-making could hope to
have: Sterling vocals, a hypnotic drop and a timeless sentiment. You can hear the passion coming out of
both of these performers and that passion is what makes the music feel so urgent. In this one single, I
can hear two success stories in the making. Both artists deserve the general public’s attention, and this
single does as well. It is already at the top of my daily playlist and I think it will be at the top of yours as
well once you give it a listen.

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–Jordan Dilliard