Richard Lynch’s “My Guitar Drips Country” Is A Must Have Album

“My guitar drips country, I wish that line was mine. It came from a conversation, a country legend left
behind.” Richard Lynch plays a heartfelt tribute to the late Country great Doug Supernaw, on his track
Supernaw from his latest release. My Guitar Drips Country is a twelve song offering capturing the essence
of classic Country while staying close to new Country sensibilities. Richard’s superlative use of spoken
word prose to in Supernaw is a clear example of how storytelling can be used as a medium to deliver great
music while challenging the listener. He’ll Make Everything Alright is an up-tempo, political number which
opens Richard up to his spiritual nature. Allowing song to act as a vessel for this faith, Richard Lynch
captures his audience with hope and promise in a world upturned and lacking direction.

Richard’s use of hook melodies and infectious choruses grabs his listener and propel them to tap their
feet, jump up and dance, and sing-along as demonstrated by Rodeo Town. A touching love song about a
dark haired beauty he had to fight to win her love. “She’s got my head in the clouds, she’s got my world
spinning around. A dark haired beauty that I found, in her sweet little Rodeo Town”. Again, the use of
story to capture the intensity of his affection. My Guitar Drips Country is a well-polished album challenging
any major label release within the genre, a veteran in the studio creating a professional, mature sound
which keeps the replayability of this album high. If you are looking for a nostalgic country album in the
style of Merle Haggard or Conway Twitty, but require a modern sound; this is a must have album for your
Country fix.

–Lee Callaghan