Get Intimate With Indie Artist Craig Johnston

After spending a nomadic childhood moving between the contrasting climes of Glasgow and Bahrain, Craig Johnston moved to London to search for a future in music.

Blending the organic tone of natural acoustic instrumentation and plaintive vocals with a unique, subtle, contemporary production & giving bittersweet gems that explore the journey of personal experience, Craig Johnston delivers the intimacy and desire sorely needed in music

Having collaborated with acclaimed producer Mike Nielsen (Jamiroquai, Underworld) and more recently David Gray’s co-producer and bandmate Robbie Malone as well as having three different songs selected as a Record of The Day ‘Made of Stone’, ‘Two Words’ and ‘Come Back To Me’, the music industry’s unofficial tastemaker; Craig Johnston was No1. on the Indiestore download chart whilst being a signed artist with AWAL (Kobalt). Having been featured on many compilation albums and played in over 30 major retail outlets around UK & Europe, Craig Johnston is currently in contact with many US & UK film/TV agents wishing to use his music as well as working on recent projects writing music for both the London Film school and London Film Academy.

Another of Craig Johnston’s music projects is the recently acclaimed work with current collaborations with many DJ’s, Singers and Producers around the world.

MASTERCARD have also chosen Craig Johnston music to be featured in their ‘Big Lunch’ TV Advert campaign on a prime time run.

Recordings are not just where you’ll find the music of Craig Johnston but also in the live environment. At prestigious venues such as London Astoria & Bush Hall, Craig Johnston has been seen supporting the likes Beth Rowley & The Hoosiers while touching the hearts of those who hear his music.





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