New Music From Earnest Williams!

Following in the footsteps of greats of Al Green and Prince… R&B Crooner Earnest Willams has a new song just out   For The Love Of You!  In his own word…. “ The inspiration behind my single “For the Love of You” is inspired by the way I feel about my wife and to inspire those who have found the one they love. To always remember how special, they are to you through good times and bad times. To always remember who you are together and to always keep that spark alive. In moments of tough times never forget the love that brought you together to begin with and to express that love to each other every day. Tell them you love them, flirt with each other, hold hands, dance in unlikely places, continue to go on dates. To do the things to continue to show your love.”

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Born and raised in Dallas, TX. Williams grew up with a passion and love for singing and writing music. As a youth he sang in the church choir. In High School he put his talent to work on stage performing in school talent shows.Earnest Williams was raised with 3 brothers by a single mother. “I was a child with big dreams of becoming a famous singer one day. I have a lot of passion to perform and found comfort in music”. Williams was influenced by various artists such as Keith Sweat, Charlie Wilson, Al Green and Prince to name a few. “I would like to be remembered for my passion and music even after I am gone.” 

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