In a year when we feel more than a little stagnant and anxious, we need music that can make us feel seen and hopeful. LA-based indie musician Thomas Monroe, aka My Autumn Amor, can empathize with the most downtrodden among us and show us a way out via his metamorphosisContinue Reading

Hip-hop music and culture originally served to bring uncensored awareness of marginalized groups’ struggles to a mainstream audience, but it still hasn’t gotten around to illuminating difficulties with mental health, even though they disproportionately affect low-income communities and people of color. Gen Z may be ready to change that. 17-year-oldContinue Reading

Regardless of the project or the task, PJ always delivers intense dedication and professionalism, contributing to the positive outcome of any given project or creative endeavour. Whether working A&R duties, producing or DJing, you can expect PJ to take it all to the next level and bring his passion toContinue Reading

The name of the Artist is his Goal…Get2Millions!  His latest song “Dragon Fist” is something that has never been heard before a combination Japanese stringed instruments and banging R&B Beats infused together  Get2Millions experienced a life of poverty and limited financial means growing up in Chicago. As a young manContinue Reading

A Musical Rags On  To Riches Story~ from a Teenage Dad with less than $200 to his name, to working as a Truck Driver along with a side job as a Janitor,  Antonio Edwards has become a successful Entertainer! This soulful R&B singer ranks amongst the other crooners with hisContinue Reading