Check Out Antonio Edwards

A Musical Rags On  To Riches Story~ from a Teenage Dad with less than $200 to his name, to working as a Truck Driver along with a side job as a Janitor,  Antonio Edwards has become a successful Entertainer! This soulful R&B singer ranks amongst the other crooners with his latest releases that are  soon to be Top Of The Pops Hits. 

Check out “This is It” and “Paranoia” and “Another Time” on all streaming platforms 

A Bit about the artist… With a baby on the way at age 17 and almost nothing to his name, Edwards knew he had to grow up fast. The young single dad started driving trucks for $6.50 an hour, on twelve-hour shifts and cleaned bank floors on the weekends. Yet Edwards soon realised that he couldn’t live life on the edge forever. Desperate to change his story and to forge a new life for his son, Edwards’ drive to succeed soon kindled a fire in his heart that would fuel him on his long, hard road to success and fame.

This year Antonio will be releasing  his full length album, “Stick to The Plan” which will include 6 tracks.   Make sure and follow him on Instagram for exclusive behind the scene looks and sneaky peaks

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