Big Greg debuted in 2010 with his “What’s It Gonna Be Like” mixtape while attending college. He was able to maintain a significant following during his tenure in college. Greg would perform around campus during student activity events and anywhere in the city that permitted him. During college, Greg beganContinue Reading

Musicians are well known to be eccentrics, stewing in their own ideas and creativity to make their craft, and not many represent this as well as experimental Christian trap artist Heistheartist. His unique personality and character have always been his selling points, and they come through clearly in his latestContinue Reading

The prolific singer-songwriter will release the follow up to his international #1 iTunes single, “Heaven.” “As Good as It Gets” – Crank It Country #1 international iTunes singer-songwriter Larry Jay is back with a “Killer Song” this Friday, August 20th, 2021. The prolific country-pop artist follows his hit single, “Heaven” with another exampleContinue Reading

Hagy Lane was conceived in 1997 with Drakka writing material from home. In 2000, 2 song demos were made and distributed through friends with very positive feedback. As time permitted Drakka continued to write and was able to enter the studio early 2006 and 2007. Drakka recorded an EP titledContinue Reading

The  Charles Boulevard the trio that spans the European Union from Prague to Dublin ……… Charles Boulevard are three musicians from Prague, Czech Republic and Dublin, Ireland. The line up consists of Pavel Holada Lead Vocals, Guitars and Bass. Berny PB Drums/Percussion/Vocals and Dermot Condron Guitar/Vocals. Dermot from Dublin metContinue Reading

“That’s My King,” the first single off an upcoming self-titled album by pastor, singer/songwriter and entertainer Norman Lee Schaffer is releasing to Christian Country-formatted radio outlets today. Schaffer penned the single, which was produced by Trace Collins. The album will be released this Fall. Schaffer has spent most of hisContinue Reading

Michael Burman was born in New Jersey, but moved to South Florida as a baby with his family where he grew up. He always had a love of music, however he didn’t pick up the guitar until college. Once picking up the guitar, Michael became obsessed with the instrument, progressingContinue Reading

Michele Sarto (“Mike” to those closest to him; other people just can’t pronounce the name properly) is best known for his alias of Kish Kollectiv  he also is known as South Central Positronics. His releases under this guise are more SciFi related but not your run of the mill scienceContinue Reading