Soulful Femme Are Complex But Accessible On Collab With Joanna Connor

The modern music landscape may be pop dominated, but it has also proven to be a wonderful breeding ground for other more niche genres. Today’s song on review, “40 Under” from Soulful Femme featuring Joanna Connor, is a prime example of this.

Soulful Femme is a duo from Pittsburgh comprised of two women, Stevee Wellons on vocals and Cheryl Rinovato on guitars. Stevee and Cheryl have both had their heads in the music industry for a long time, enough for them to be considered music veterans, and it’s all apparent in their music.

“40 Under” is musically rich, a true showing of the duo’s eclectic mix of blues, jazz and funk. It’s an excellent experience, one that can is easy to listen to but also complex and very fun to just enjoy. There’s also more influences added in here, with some very obvious operatic rock notes everywhere.

Opening with a haunting riff and atmosphere, guest artist Joanna Connor also absolutely kills it in this song. Known as the queen of blues guitar, Joanna’s mastery of the instrument is pulled off with aplomb as she shreds an insane single smack dab in the middle of the song. It’s an integral piece of the song, and a big reason why it works so well as a whole.

Stevee’s vocals are emblematic of the band’s pedigree and talent, delivering an emotionally gripping and powerful performance. She demonstrates perfect control of her voice, the type that can only come with years of experience as a singer.

Everything in the song comes together beautifully, all up until the climax as Stevee belts out her lines. As the final line comes along, the wailing guitar leads the song to its final atmospheric end. It’s a chilling ending, but one that works wonders.

Overall, there’s so much to talk about when it comes to a song like “40 Under” that it’s hard to keep everything in one review. It’s complex but accessible, and that’s what makes it special. We’re looking forward to Soulful Femme’s upcoming projects as the duo continue to put their skills into making art.

–Jason Airy