HeIsTheArtist Is Satisfying And Mystifying On “What Did I Do”

Musicians are well known to be eccentrics, stewing in their own ideas and creativity to make their craft, and not many represent this as well as experimental Christian trap artist Heistheartist. His unique personality and character have always been his selling points, and they come through clearly in his latest single, “What Did I Do”.

For those not in the know, Heistheartist’s signature style is all about downtempo music paired with the artist’s unique nasal-strong singing and gut-wrenching songwriting, that’s straight to the point but emotionally potent and interesting.

“What Did I Do” follows this format for a short emotional burst that is as satisfying as it is mystifying. As the singer bellows “what did I do to feel so sad,” there’s a bit of a question that envelopes the song, in that we never really get to figure out what he did. It’s an interesting bit of songwriting, building some intrigue around the single that we’ll possibly never get any true explanation for.

Heistheartist’s vocal delivery is on full display for “What Did I Do,” and it’s a gloriously emotional performance. It’s a through his voice that the emotions are conveyed, and his unique delivery emphasizes the gut-wrenching nature of the situation. It’s also a musically very sparse song, with only a simple trap beat and some light but atmospheric synths to provide some semblance of melody to the music.

What keeps the song from being too repetitive is its short and sweet length at just under 2 minutes. With such a brisk pace, “What Did I Do” expertly establishes its themes, questions and emotional core without wasting a single moment. It’s a testament to his talent as a songwriter, and it makes for an interesting experience.

Overall, “What Did I Do” is yet another outstanding piece in the artist’s growing discography. It’s a very unique and different song from the pack, and one we definitely recommend giving a listen.

–Jason Airy