Torxtto Will Release New Music “Xscape”

The music industry is a rough and tough world where only the most dedicated and skilled of artists thrive. In this aspect, Torxtto is a natural. It’s a difficult road, but Torxtto, previously known as Dreon, and also a member of Sirius Lyrae, has been putting in the work to become a mainstay name for quite a while now. He’s been making a push for music his whole life, and he takes the challenges as they come, persevering through them all to make a name for himself.

But, who is Torxtto, and what’s his story? How did he fall headfirst into the art of music making, and how has he struggled to get through the hard times? Today in our feature of Torxtto, we’ll be taking a look at the struggles the artist has faced so far, as well as his current works and where his career will take him in the future.

From the young age of 17, Torxtto found himself engrossed with the art of music production and songwriting. The Harlem native would find a lot to love in genres of music like hip hop, pop, R&B and Reggaeton. As time went on, he continued to discover his affinity for the arts, and began taking inspiration from his favorite genres in an effort to craft his own unique sound.

It was only once he reached his mid 20s however that he’d find his love for electronic dance music. It would entrance him like nothing before, and as a result he’d refocus his efforts, making EDM his main genre. Reinvigorated, he’d go on to release his debut single, “All Night Long,” drawing the attention of music listeners from across various different genres.

Torxtto has been in the studio ever since, working on his debut project, the aptly titled “Xscape.” It’s set to be a grand beginning, not just for Torxtto himself, but also for a trilogy of albums the artists plans to release soon. They will chronicle his past struggles, as well as the challenges he’s faced and how he overcame those obstacles.

So far, the artist has been making big strides in his art. Once “Xscape,” releases, he’s hoping for his talents to be recognized on a wider scale. With some truly excellent works of musical talent, we’re sure it’s not if, but simply a matter of when. Torxtto simply isn’t the type to give up after a short while, but to persevere and continue pushing forward until he achieves success.

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