Tom Tikka’s Ode To The New Year: “By 2022”

A song of resolution, regret, and redemption, Tom Tikka and the Missing Hubcaps capture it all in their latest single “By 2022.” This rockin’ jam is a diverse offering from this group of professional musicians and creative storytellers. Tom Tikka delivers his almost signature style of lyrics on “By 2022”, as he reflects on his subject matter’s current condition and makes plans to be free of this by the year 2022. “All these dirty, dirty schemes. You say that you’re a different breed, it might even be so, you might have some integrity, I am scared of shit shows.” Tom Tikka renders these clever metaphors, and vivid imageries with a flair that gives this experimental, indie rocker a Pop feel worthy of commercial radio success. The absolution in the theme comes, however, in the recapitulation of the track when Tom makes his intentions clear and his hard truths known, “I’m wasting my life, with you.” This may seem a very harsh thing to put in a song however, “By 2022”, Tom Tikka and the Missing Hubcaps have outlaid their misdirection, deceit, and general malaise of the current situation. Musically, “By 2022” offers some very impressive vocal harmonies which capture the main theme, the multiple voices offer a contrast to the lyrical theme by offering different voices making different promises.

The production on “By 2022”, is well-executed, allowing this track to be picked up by commercial radio effortlessly. As a follow-up to their other great hits; “Heart’s On Fire”, “Doormat”, and “With Eyes Closed,” “By 2022” is a great accompaniment to their growing catalog of great tracks. This singer/songwriter feels works for Tom Tikka and the Missing Hubcaps as the front and center guitar and vocals keep the spotlight upfront while the steady rhythm section is tight and in the pocket. If this track follows the success of Tom Tikka and the Missing Hubcaps previous releases, the momentum should carry this track ahead of their expectations. With the catchy lyrics, melodic hooks, and brilliant harmonies, once heard “By 2022” should be an excellent addition to any Experimental Rock, Middle-of-the Road playlist.

–Jason Lee Campbell