The UK’s first dedicated Music Tutoring School launches for talented musicians

Young entrepreneur Jenny Keane is supporting fellow musicians in providing a fast-track route to tutoring, saving them money and time.

Jenny, a piano tutor from Windsor, began teaching six years ago and has since launched her own over-subscribed home studio. Coupled with Marketing expert Gina Conolly the duo set out to create MusicSpark, an academy designed to support and grow the instrumental tutoring community.

‘It is not easy for musicians to transition to teaching. There are very few avenues for talented musicians to take into teaching and many pay poorly. I want to take the vital skills and knowledge I have gained from establishing my own business to help others establish theirs’ says Jenny.

MusicSpark provides instrumental tutor training to musicians via their e-learning course and is the only establishment of its kind. The Associate Course, which teaches everything a musician needs to launch their own tuition business is designed to assist out-of-work performers due to COVID restrictions.

Jenny is utilising her teaching and business skills coupled with Gina’s commercial marketing experience to run both an intensive complete course over 10-weeks or optionally for those with teaching experience a fast-track option. Both come with 12 months free membership to the MusicSpark community, an online forum of fellow tutors, partners and sponsors.

says, ‘What we offer is simply not available within the established music tuition hierarchy. I know from my own experience that for the individual musician setting up on your own can be very daunting and even off-putting. At MusicSpark we will be sharing all the know-how and expertise that our own success is built on. So, our trainees can be sure they will be expertly supported every step of the way as they establish and run their own tuition businesses.’

Gina adds, ‘We’ve meticulously researched and designed our courses to cover every aspect of the instrumental tuition industry. Successful trainees who have the necessary determination and ability can confidently go on to become the go-to MusicSpark home tutor for their instrument in their local area. They can expect to earn considerably more than their school-based counterparts and will have all the ongoing support and mentoring they need behind them. In these very difficult times for everyone, it’s a really welcome win–win story for musicians and music teachers!’

Jenny is proud of what she and her co-founder have achieved so far, especially when jobs are disappearing across the country and budgets severely stretched for so many. She believes that MusicSpark offers a largely forgotten group of talented people an excellent, value for money career opportunity, one that could not have come at a better time. The future looks bright for would-be music tutors and for MusicSpark too!

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