Tedi Brunetti Is Cool On “Evil Woman”

From the moment its sauntering introduction commences, Tedi Brunetti’s ‘Evil Woman’ slinks across the speakers like a stealthy assassin, mingling through the crowd of a smoky nightclub. Taken from her latest LP, ‘Queen of Pittsburgh’, the single is co-produced with Dean Sargent (Taylor Dayne, Blue Oyster Cult). The production is world class, imbued with a vintage character which compliments the minimalist choice of instrumentation. Brunetti’s background as a drummer is evident due to the addictive shuffle and swing of the tempo. Her vocal, textured with an alluring raspiness, locks to the mix both tonally and rhythmically. The bass fills out the low end nicely, and a Satriani-flavoured fuzz guitar lead line takes the spotlight throughout the song’s conclusion. In the presser for her album, Tedi states that she wants her grandchildren to know that she was ‘cool once’. Trust me. There is no doubt.