Dariann Leigh Breaks Free On New Song “Let Me Go”

If there’s one thing country artists can knock out of the park, it’s a good ol’ fashioned breakup anthem. Dariann Leigh’s latest song, “Let Me Go” is certainly no exception. From the moment the beat first sets in, to the infectious melody and hook, you can feel Leigh’s presence on the track making itself known. But what makes this track stand out most of all is the clear relatability of the lyrics. (Watch the lyric video: https://youtu.be/t35S6Ke4tVM )

People across the globe have experienced heartbreak in one form or another. What’s the one thing people usually turn to when their heart is broken? Music! Luckily, Dariann Leigh has you covered with “Let Me Go,” a song about finally breaking free from the chains of a past relationship that have been holding you back. The raw emotion poured into a song such as this one is something that is universal. This song helped Leigh get through a difficult time in her life, and now she released the song into the world so that it can do the same for others. The universal appeal of a message as strong as the one in “Let Me Go” is what draws fans in and keeps them coming back for more. 

“Let Me Go” by Dariann Leigh is available now on all streaming platforms. Follow along @dariannleigh on InstagramFacebook and TikTok

Check out the brand new “Let Me Go” music video here: https://youtu.be/YRHeo0onckk