Studd Da Kidd On Exposure Explosion Festival

Every now and again, an idea comes along that makes you wonder, ‘why haven’t I heard about something like this before?’

So it is with Exposure Explosion Festival, organised by entertainment firm DRH Consulting. Founder Studd Da Kidd is quite the entrepreneur, aiming to put together a forum where creatives of all kinds can meet, talk and potentially start to collaborate on joint projects.

Studd Da Kidd is not just an entrepreneur, but also an innovator. Not only does Exposure Explosion Festival look to put creatives in contact with each other, it is also aiming to help them establish themselves too. Studd sees Exposure Explosion Festival as more than just a networking event, more than simply a music or arts showcase. DRH Consulting was founded with a wide-ranging vision of providing assistance to others, helping them access housing, healthcare, studio facilities, child care and business or studio start-up coaching; the sort of services and requirements many would-be small business owners struggle to find. Studd had to hustle to find out where to access all this information and support when building DRH Consulting, and now she wants to give others a leg up on the ladder to potential success.

Ultimately, through DRH Consulting, Studd Da Kidd would like to help artists of all types enhance their personal brand, whether they’re emcees, DJs, musicians, photographers, mixers, models, or some other creative specialist. Exposure Explosion Festival is slated to tour the country from next year, stopping in different cities and states. Planned to be a weekly mix of entertainment, marketing and interactive works, this multi-media festival takes the established idea of corporate networking events or small business seminars and twists it for the modern independent entrepreneur. Beyond the world of franchises, finding customers, selling stock, or finding gigs, DRH Consulting hopes that Exposure Explosion Festival will allow youngsters with a dream to find the social help they need while also working on their career, business, specialism or brand.

Studd Da Kidd has never done anything by halves. Hailing from San Antonio, TX, she describes herself as a ‘host’ and a ‘lover girl’ and looks like she takes no prisoners. Her Instagram notes that she is a ‘public figure’ and photos show her in bright red athleisure wear with hoodie top, motivational bling, combat boots and backwards ballcap (self-descriptions from social media in quotes). Studd is vibrant, determined and driven to help others gain the type of opportunities they may find difficult to access alone. Her Instagram account is a riot of red clothing indicating life, health, vigor, courage, passion and drive. That’s a pretty adequate description of this force of nature. DRH Consulting is planning to start touring the Exposure Explosion Festival in summer 2022 and hopes to become a recognised outlet for creative business and community development, focusing on artist development and unity.

Interested potential collaborators, businesses, fellow entrepreneurs, and participants can keep up with Studd Da Kidd on social media via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. (