Single Review: Leol “Move”

Today on review, we have a fast-rising R&B artist Leol with his brand new single, ‘Move’. Leol’s style is made up of infectious harmonies from combining aspects of R&B and pop for a refreshing, usually exciting result. This extends to the new single as well.

‘Move’ is smooth and subtle in all the best ways, being more of a mood piece than a club hit, and that works out great. Here we see a concentrated effort to create a song that’s more laid back and understated without skimping on emotion, and Leol lands his attempt with skill and finesse.

Generally, Leol’s music centers around themes of love and infatuation, utilizing soft, alluring synths and seductive lyrics to achieve the intended effect. ‘Move’ emphasizes and builds upon this style, with clever arrangements that bring out a calm, demure tone that carries over for the entire song.

The piano keeps things sounding light as industrial beats in the background slowly build on themselves. Subtle environmental noise keeps up a wall of sound so that no part ever sounds truly empty, though the persevering sense of loneliness lingers throughout. Very atmospheric notes all around, making for a song that feels huge without needing to resort to overblown instruments.

Leol’s vocal delivery on ‘Move’ follows the overarching theme of ‘less is more’ that comprises most of the song. He barely sings his lines, leaning more towards tiredly saying them, but it works for a song like this where subtlety is key. His relaxed delivery allows the impact of the words to land harder, a clever way to make the most of the more sparse production.

That’s not to say the songwriting is lacking in any certain aspect. The lyrics work really well, depicting a relationship that the singer is trying to push forward to no avail. It’s a fitting approach to a song like this, and once again, one that works well within the context of ‘Move’.

Overall, ‘Move’ is a fascinating single, eschewing a lot of the more upbeat elements of R&B and pop in favor of a more emotional, downtrodden piece. We like it, it’s a refreshing take on the genre, and we’re eager to see what comes next for Leol.

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