Singer Ana Kiri Releases Her EP “Dreaming”

Miami based singer, artist and entertainer Ana Kiri (aka Anastasiia Kirilik) was born in Ukraine and moved to the USA only five years ago. 

In October Ana released her first single and music video ‘Feel My Love’, an upbeat tropical house-tinged electro-pop song. The video was directed by David Zamora and shot in a gorgeous villa in Miami Beach. However, the actual song was written and produced in Los Angeles by Ana, Mimi Rose, Lucas Villemur and mastered by Carlos Laurenz. 

“Feel my love” single music video here:

In November 8th Ana is releasing her EP ‘Dreaming’. It consists of five tracks and is a collection of songs from her past, as Ana puts it herself. Being chill electro-pop, this EP is softer, melodic and dreamy.

“‘Dreaming’ is an EP that has all the first songs I wrote a few years back. That’s why it has a bit of that retro chill feel to it. I was going through a very difficult period in my life, I lost a very important person to my heart and soul. That’s when I turned to music again. I needed to let some feelings out, because it was just too much to keep them on the inside. ‘Sugar in Clouds’ is the first song written for this EP. I wrote everything else around it. I hope you enjoy your journey into my music.” Says Ana. 

The gorgeous Ukranian singer explains her excitement for all the music she has about to be released. “Can’t wait for you to hear my new single ‘I still remember’. Musically, it defines the direction where I want to go – good quality house edm. And I’m so excited for the music video! It is produced by the Black Flamingo Films and directed by Jarop, who has worked with Akon, Farruko & Mafio, Fat Joe and Dj Khaled, Solano and Landis, and many more.”

Jarop mentions the concept behind ‘I still remember’. “We are looking to create a simple but powerful piece that captivates the audience with the beauty of its imaginary. Inspired by the magic and freedom of fashion film and contemporary dance we would like to portrait the fight of a woman with her inner demons.” 

Ana Kiri loved music all her life. Growing up, she always had the patiphone on at her grandpa’s house playing some good Cuban music. Her grandparents lived in Cuba for three years, and her aunt was born there as well.