Gentle Glow Releases New Single “LaST Call”

The indie-pop group GENTLE GLOW started with their second single “LaST CaLL”, which has been available everywhere
since October 22nd, a call for more mindfulness.

With their new single “LaST CaLL”, the Austrian indie-pop aesthetes draw attention to a cutting edge topic: “It is five to twelve when it comes to climate change and in addition to the careful use of our resources in our everyday lives, we also want to use our music to point it out ”, front woman Jasmin Neuninger explains the background of the song.

The band skillfully packs their message into a modern dance beat. “We don’t want to come along with a raised index finger, we want to get our message across in such a way that it arrives at the party in the club and is fun at the same time,” says GENTLE-GLOW mastermind Roman Schrank, describing the sound of “LaST CaLL”.

The new song will also be presented LIVE on November 13th at Theater am Steg in Baden, Austria. The seven-member formation will also present their new line-up and their new sound in this context. In the approximately two-hour show there is space for both the visionary message of a better world and the individual musicians for improvisation. The GENTLE GLOW appearance is accompanied by an impressive light show, which stages the music in a colorful way. “We are really looking forward to show our new side and hope that as many people as possible will follow our ‘LaST CaLL’ both to the concert and to be more attentive to our world,” says singer Jasmin Neuninger.

Gentle Glow

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