Sarantos Leaves Listeners Guessing At Hidden Meanings In Latest Single “I Never Catch The Train”

Sarantos Melogia is no stranger to the limelight. The multi-talented multiple-award-winning artist is a seasoned artist with over a million views on YouTube and thousands of listens on iTunes and Spotify. His unique style sets him apart, but his numerous talents and ability to animate art through various media truly make him the great artist he has grown to become.

“Never Catch the Train” is the latest single from the decorated artist, singer-songwriter, author, poet, and radio show host. It is the culmination of another busy month in the life of the diligent artist. In only six years, Sarantos has released 12 albums with over 156 single tracks and six books that the music he releases complements.

Like most of his music, “Never Catch the Train” is based on a short fictional story from the same artist and puts the story in context. The song follows in his usually emotionally evocative music and unique blend of country, folk, and rock in a style that moves and intrigues in equal measure.

“Never Catch the Train” is a lot reminiscent of 80s rock music from The Rolling Stones and Guns N’ Roses, with a simplistic approach with its guitar strums and rhythmically groovy background accompaniment from the drums that wonderfully complement the powerful lyrics of the song. Paradoxical statements like “I’m always there early, but I never catch the train” push the listener to listen and think about the subtly hidden meanings that Sarantos leaves all over the track.

“Never Catch the Train” is a song that tells, in part, the story of his life, his battles with respiratory illnesses, and the determination with which he has fought to be the music icon he is today. The song seems reflective of how, even despite the immense effort someone can put, it might not always lead to the expected outcome.

–Keith DuJour