Pete Price Drops Contagious New Track “Common Ground” to Unite the Divided Masses!

The Dayton, Ohio singer-songwriter’s “Common Ground” is from his award-nominated album, “Department of the Interior.”

Pete Price

Pete Price, the award-nominated singer-songwriter, has just released his latest single and accompanying music video titled “Common Ground.” This timely release comes at a moment when political division in America has reached new heights, with the nation more polarized than ever before.

The lyrics of “Common Ground” carry a powerful message of unity and togetherness, urging Americans to leave their partisanship behind and strive to find a middle ground that can bring the nation together once again. The inspiration for the song comes from the tragic events of the Kent State Massacre in 1970 and the unity that briefly followed the aftermath of 9/11.

Pete Price said, “We can’t wait for another tragedy to bring us together. We need to find common ground in our everyday lives and learn to communicate with each other again. Politics should not be the only thing that defines us as individuals, and we need to learn to respect each other’s beliefs and opinions.”

The powerful music video for “Common Ground” was directed by Price. It features a diverse group of people coming together in a peaceful demonstration, urging listeners to put aside their differences and find ways to work together effectively.

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About Pete Price:  Having started his musical career in the late 1980s, Pete Price joined The Fries Band in early 1992, serving as the band’s lead guitarist for more than 30 years. In addition to his notable work with The Fries Band, Pete’s independent musical endeavors have created a cult following of their own, while also receiving critical acclaim. More details about Pete Price and the dynamic new album can be seen at