LAZORE Has Been Crushing The Scene In His Debut Year – New Single “Just Another Day” Out 06/30!

It has certainly been no secret to anyone listening that LAZORE has got exactly what it takes to succeed in the music industry.  From the red-hot results of his self-titled debut EP establishing his name on the playlists of people tuning in from every corner of the map, to pivotal singles he’s released along the way like “Heyday” and “Wanted Man” that have grown his fan-base exponentially from the drop of day one, LAZORE’s career has been surging in a straight line right towards the very top of the independent scene.

On June 30th, 2023, he’s undeniably raising the stakes once again with his latest cut, “Just Another Day.”  Built with bulletproof rhythm and the irresistible catchy vocals that LAZORE has quickly become known for, and fueled with true grit in the intensity of his instrumentation, “Just Another Day” is guaranteed to get everyone listening through its perfect mix of raw power and controlled professionalism on display.  Carving out a permanent place for himself in the music business through hard work, determination, and a tremendous level of skill in his songwriting, LAZORE has proven all throughout 2023 that he not only writes single-worthy songs that connect to listeners around the globe, but that he’s genuinely making a style of music that people want to turn right UP.  Soaring with confidence, precision, and authenticity – LAZORE is creating the kind of songs that are destined to be on repeat, requested by fans everywhere.

Winning over the world one set of speakers at a time, with every single release LAZORE has put out his presence in the scene has grown stronger, his craft has become sharper, and his sound more addictive.  “Just Another Day” is a highlight example of how the dedication he’s applying to his career is achieving noteworthy results, and producing supremely memorable material that keeps people coming back for more.  Building his legacy on serious substance and stylistic vibes combined, “Just Another Day” is full proof that LAZORE creates content listeners are craving, and music expertly designed to stay as fresh as the first day you heard it.  Join LAZORE this summer on June 30th for the official release of his brand-new single “Just Another Day” – and be ready for a year filled with music that no one will ever get enough of.