The Well Born Of The Old North

Are you one of  Y Bonheddwyr,  the well born? The untitled nobility of the old north Yr Hen Ogledd  one of the hen bendefigaeth which is the class just below the Gwledig, the Arglwydd/Arlwydd (Kings/Princes/landholders, Lords etc) The untitled noble class are the offspring both legitimate and illegitimate (both had the same rights under Welsh Law) both male and female all equal. The  blood of their descendants flow through the veins of everyone who has a Welsh ancestor.  This was throughout Wales and into the kingdoms of the Old North. If you have the blood of a Welshman flowing through your veins (along with Scottish, Irish, English)  somewhere along the line you are of the Wellborn.

 Commemorate your connection with a Coat of Arms, designed by a descendant of heralds and Lord Lyon’s; My 16th Grand Uncle Sir James Balfour Lord Lyon  (1600-1657) was described “ane expert and graduate herauld in blazing of cotts and armories, in inventing of crests and supporters, in searching of genealogies and discents, in marshalling of funeralls, triumphs, and inaugurations, etc., and in all ceremonies whatsoever pertaining to honour or amies.”

I have inherited his skills as his creations were called outlandish and mocked by some. I am proud to carry on that moniker.   Arms are also granted under laws and Writs still in place from Roman Law better known as Scots Law…. on the law in force with us to the pages of Bartolus a Saxo Ferrato.   The law of the fourteenth century relating to armorial bearings as it is laid down by Bartolus  and the Writ of 1417 which gives Feudal Lords the right to Grant Arms. As the holder of several feudal titles from Welsh, English and Scottish 

We need some basic information to begin our genealogical research then using genealogist and historian skills we can search one’s family lines to determine your connections.  Allen Baron of Otter is a herald and genealogist along with being an investigative historian, I have over 35 plus years experience.  

Of particular note this encompasses the original borders of Wale (pre English takeover and all of the Kingdoms of the Old Brythonic North including Saxon-Brythonic ones.)

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Allen Lord Gwyddelwern~ Baron Otter ~ Baron Stathor~ Earl of Dunbar & Lothain