Propter Hawk Forges Ahead With Their New Single Clean Old-Fashioned Hate

In anticipation of their upcoming self-titled debut album, Toronto’s Propter Hawk indulges listeners once again with their third single Clean Old-Fashioned Hate. An animated dance number inspired by the early days
of American rock and roll and Motown, Clean Old-Fashioned Hate breaks tradition in the most Propter Hawk way with their cynical, anti-establishment lyrical narrative. The song cheekily points a finger in the seat of
power’s general direction while imploring the have-nots to cavort with whatever energy they have left. “We had an idea for a song with kind of a 60’s dance hall vibe that we had been working on, but we
wanted to do something a bit more relevant with it” recalls singer Malorie Blake. “Mal read somewhere about a college football rivalry between University of Georgia and Georgia Tech that
they call ‘Clean Old-Fashioned Hate’,” guitarist Andrew Blake adds. “I loved the sound of it and it seemed like a great way to describe that despondent feeling that’s growing in our society as the gap between classes

Recording directly to tape, the group found the authentic tones of the soulful tracks that originally inspired Clean Old-Fashioned Hate while recording at Toronto’s Pineship sound. A slight departure from their
heavier, overdriven releases Theatre Of The Whole World and Telephone, Propter Hawk’s latest single brings forth a sweet and salty combination of jangly guitars, a walking bassline paired with an infectious back-beat
and, of course, Malorie’s alluring voice suspended above it all. Almost a year after Propter Hawk’s first step onto the Toronto rock scene, Clean Old-Fashioned Hate serves as the last preview of what’s to come. Their long-awaited full-length album is just around the corner and with upcoming performances at Canadian Music Week, Go North Festival, The Dakota Tavern, Lee’s Palace,
and many more… Propter Hawk has just begun to show what the new age of rock and roll will look like.]

Post-Release Upcoming Show Dates
June 6th: CMW: Bar Cathedral – Toronto, ON
June 30th: Lee’s Palace – Toronto, ON
July 8th: Go North Festival – Richard’s Landing, ON