“Nation to Nation” A letter to Putin From The Jandorff Project

Dear Vladimir PutinYou are the only person wanting to wage this war. You hurt other Nations’ people and you hurt yourself and your own people. A whole world begs you to stop killing innocent lives and destroying beautiful cities and landscapes. Every Nation claims a right, but please use no violence, because that is not the future weapon. Here is a song about it – our wish for a peaceful world: ”Nation To Nation”. All the best Jandorff Project

Symphonic Rock Ballads from Denmark The Jandorff Project~ 

Inspired by such artists as  Shostakovich, Ravel, Zappa, Bowie, Prince, Michael J, Beatles, Madonna, and many others The Jandorff projects takes a classic approach to Rock seldom seen or heard today.  Best put by the artist himself…. 

“We are the voices. In times where politics are concerned downward we have to focus on what’s really important to heal this planet.  More than ever we have to care about what we say, when and how we say it, and why we say it. “

“Dreams and visions are the cosmic fuel of all creation. Dreams are information from our subconsciousness and if we don’t take this piece of information seriously we loose flying hight. We must be the voices to correct discourse.”

“And when words fail, music speaks volumes. We must become the narrative and deflect the noise that is becoming utterly destructive world-wide. The famous ‘freedom of speech’ mantra is taken as hostage every time it meets ‘duty of speech’, because it depends on what is said and in favour of whom.” 

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