Musical powerhouse and respected recording artist Ky 

Musical powerhouse and respected recording artist Ky Shut It Down chose to raise the bar and cater his music to the world. Little did he know his discography would be much-vaunted and garner much international recognition from communities globally. From a soulful trap fusion of guitar loops to strings and amplified 808s, Ky is a total trendsetter and gives his listeners a profound experience that makes them come back for more.  

Nowadays, it’s rare to rub shoulders with acts that bring worthy content to the table. For example, artists like Ky have an inherent ability to bring people together by consciously intermingling themes of his youthful roots and emitting a passion that many call home. Ky Shut It Down does a fabulous job of pushing music that reflects his close circle, tribulations, dreams and relationships. 

Ky has invested heavily into his craft to make his vision a reality; he’s working his sound in an untapped domain and seeking more ways to perfect his work through collaboration. His premier release, “Party In The Pent,” is a glimpse into what’s he’s been perfecting, and it served as a precursor in pushing his following successful record, “Big Screen,” released on May 9, 2021. This song has already been drawing attention and applauded for its witty visuals, honest lyricism and clever production.

It’s evident that Ky Shut It Down has much in store for him. Unfortunately, not many artists in the scene have been able to wear as many hats and maintain a steady workflow while keeping the bar high as Ky has. We expect to see much more from him this year in the public space, including radio. One thing is for sure; his star power will keep on rising. 

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