Indie Alt EDM~ Phi of Kehm

 Phi of Kehm…it’s Pet Shop Boys meets the KLF running into Utah Saints, a true  Indie Alt~ EDM; an  infused style whose musical prowess results in a new release coming out a month apart from the next.  Taking the best of parts of Rock, Progerssive, Pop, Dubstep and Trance amalgamating it into a blend that resulted in a type of EDM  that has never been heard before. Phi of Kehm gives  Something refreshing compared to the same usual lick that everyone else puts out. 

Best put by the artist himself..”Born into music, for many years I produced and DJ’ed under a different name. I hit rock bottom around 2018 or so, and had given up music for about 6 months when I had a revelation. Blend the best parts of EDM with Rock, Alternative, Pop, Dubstep, etc. and fuse it all into something radio friendly and very melodic. I team up with a bunch of different vocalists and try to come up with unique, one of a kind sounds that you’ll want to listen to over and over.”

“One Life” is an indie EDM pop song about learning to live for yourself,

no matter what you have to give up to get there. Lose all the negativity

and find that your one life will be the best life”

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Keep on an eye out for new music Phi Of Kehm is  known for putting out music all the time. Check out his website and follow him on social media for exclusive behind the scenes looks and updates