Miss Freddye Is Captivating On “Something To Believe In”

Miss Freddye has come to be known for her deeply spiritual music and bluesy music that appeals deep into the listener’s soul. Something to Believe In is the second single the award-winning singer has released in 2021, after Wade in the Water, a rendition from the old African-American chorus, which slaves sang as they escaped the south to go to the North during the civil war times.

Freddye is a force to reckon with, having won several blues competitions and awards, including the Iron City Rocks Awards for Best Blues Band in 2016, 2017, and 2019 and best album in 2017 for her solo release, Lady of the Blues. Her tremendous skill and ability to make great music have not been lost over the years, based on her last two 2021 single releases.

Something to Believe In follows in her usual style of soft blues music with minimal guitar and piano accompaniment and backing choral vocals. The Pittsburgh-based singer croons, proclaiming her spiritual stand. Her message is based on belief, as she constantly asserts in her lyrics, urging “we all have a need to believe” before announcing that she already has something to believe in.

From the sanguine guitar solos to the harmonic blend of the mellow backing vocals of the church choir and the uplifting lyrics, there is much to love from the song, whether you are a Christian and blues fan or not. In the trying times that the last two years have put many people through, having something to believe in and something to hope for is all that helps us keep going, and it is all we need in this world, as Miss Freddye aptly puts it.

–Keith DuJour