Louveteau Drops Eclectic 6-Track EP ‘House Sitting’ Out Now on All Music Streaming Platforms

‘House Sitting’ EP out now!


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Louveteau drops an exciting new 6-track EP titled ‘House Sitting’ available now on all music streaming platforms.

Louveteau is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer who’s spent the past eight years experimenting across a wide range of genres from hip-hop to classical. This diverse experience comes across in his newest release, House Sitting, and is ultimately what makes it more than just another collection of four-on-the-floor beats.

Most notable from the EP are its chord progressions and harmonies. What it lacks in novelty of sound-palette it makes up for with contemplative yet groovy moods. It helps fill up some of the giant and often-empty space, especially in dance music, between overtly dark and totally euphoric. It might be the perfect soundtrack for some of your in-between evenings this summer.

The first song and lead single from the bunch is obviously the catchiest. It features poppy yet chill vocals from Jasmine Kelly. The lyrics are dreamy and mysterious.

The next five tracks are each a subtly different take on the same drum beat. Some hold fiery drops (most notably the final section of Brand New Socks) and others contain minutes of hypnotic repetition (see the last two minutes of Submarine for this) but each track creates its own world. Any song on the EP could be a standalone single but they do hold together as a project.

Ultimately, House Sitting is way more than the sum of its parts.

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