John Michael Ferrari Releases Relatable Track “My Heart Can’t Breathe”

After a breakup or loss, even the smallest things can make us reminisce and miss the times when things were good with them. John Michael Ferrari paints a picture of the love lost and everyday events that now hurt, singing “it’s too late, too late for me // I’ll do my laundry in privacy” in the chorus. He also finds an old picture and looks back at the memories, singing “saw your picture in a photograph // I was there when you made me laugh” on the bridge. 

The award-winning singer, songwriter and poet is no stranger to writing about everyday life and trials. He grew up in a children’s home in Nevada and later used poetry as a way to get through the hard times and indescribable circumstances. When he first picked up a guitar, he knew he needed to use that creative gift to inspire – and he has done just that. He finds a way to connect with his audience and relate to them, letting them know they are understood. 

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