Jeremy Parsons Continues Momentum With “Something Other Than You Are”

For an album to warrant five single releases, the album must have lots of traction. In the case of Jeremy Parsons’ release Things To Come, five singles are not only a reality but is a demand from his fans. “Something Other Than You Are” is the latest single release following the success of his previous releases since its early 2021 release. A classic Americana / Roots Folk offering “Something Other Than You Are” plays on the theme of appreciation for what you have, and if it were different would you do things much differently than you are now. With the effective use of metaphor Jeremy Parsons gives many examples of this theme using clever, and witty lyrics to create imagery of his plight; “And if I was a bird, make me a cardinal bright and red, I would fly by your window, every chance I get.” His dynamic semi-baritone vocals coupes nicely with the acoustic guitar rhythms, his majestic way of projecting his voice while remaining subdued and seemingly full of angst gives this track a much-needed emotional attachment listeners can relate to. Pay special attention on this piece to the expert way Jeremy plays his chord changes over the
melody. With short bursts of major and minor chords giving the main rhythm line a breakdown to the next stanza, Jeremey creates dissonance and musical resolution with his concepts. These quick chord changes give “Something Other Than You” Are a percussive element in absence of a drum track, and a swing listeners
can catch a groove to.

Clearly, Jeremy Parsons has landed his tracks on some very popular playlists, as his tracks seem to be gaining so much steam and momentum, a rightfully so. “Something Other Than You Are” is yet another glimpse into the songwriting soul of this dynamic artist clearly a master of his art. While leaving all the
frill, and clichés out of his music Jeremy Parson delivers a heartfelt, soulful performance which listeners can grasp on to. “Something Other Than You Are” is not only well-performed but captured perfectly as each frequency and overtone from the acoustic guitar can be clearly heard while his voice playing under the guitar lines, sit very comfortably on top of the mix, (not an easy task for recording engineers to pull off). “Something Other Than You Are” is a very enjoyable track, well-suited for a relaxing stroll with the headphones, or a Sunday afternoon lounging by the fire. Once again, Jeremy Parsons delivers a comfortable taste of his America Roots folk experience to his ever-growing audience.

–Lee Callaghan