Eli Da Vincii Releases Rap EP From Brooklyn “Celestial”

Brooklyn-Born Rapper Eli Da Vincii (Used to be known as Eli Makaveli) is what you call an Artist. Born in Brooklyn, New York the birthplace of Hip-Hop Eli grew up listening to all kinds of music his favorites being Lauryn Hill, Tupac, Biggie and Mary J Blige. He loved music and always wrote things but was very shy and kept his talents hidden until he got into his teens he began to put out freestyles gaining attention on social media then a few months later Eli began putting out music on various platforms and is begging to make a name for him self.

Social Media: instagram.com/eli.davincii

Just released a EP available on all platforms: https://elidavincii.lnk.to/CelestialEP