Dom Colizzi Talks About His “Demons,” Red Rum And His Fans

Congratulations on the success of your new single, “Demons.” What inspired you to write and record that particular song?
Thank you so much! Idin Kain brought this idea to a co-write in my home studio during the Pandemic in Nashville. Originally, it had a much slower, acoustic feel to it until I decided to take a different production approach. My production has some inspiration from Fineas and Justin Timberlake. I’ve always been intrigued by Fineas’ approach to Billie Eilish songs; where they take a sad lyric and put it over a feel good beat. The contrast is really fresh to my ears, so I wanted to take a similar approach with my vocal takes, production undertones, and overall sonic aesthetic.

Are you a self-taught guitar player, or did you take lessons in the past? If you did, what was your first guitar teacher like? If not, how did you teach yourself?
Yes I am self-taught on guitar! I’ve played piano for 21 years with lessons early on around the age of 7 and I’ve played drums for 18 years. At 15 years old, I asked my parents if they could buy me a guitar. My Dad mentioned that if he buys a guitar for me, I have to promise to actually play it. He bought me a blue electric guitar with a book of chords. I ran downstairs, studied the book, and came upstairs within a few hours and told them I’m ready to play! They were shocked and thought I was kidding, until I played Howie Day’s “Collide.” I’ve been playing ever since!

Were you involved with music as a teenager? Did you play in any bands back then? How did you get started?
I was very involved with music as a teenager, though I definitely couldn’t sing very well. I played drums for one high school band with some buddies, but that didn’t last very long past the talent show haha I figured if I was a little tone deaf, I could at least play piano or drums in a band. I really didn’t find my voice until the age of 19.

How would you describe your brand of music to someone who has never heard of Dom Colizzi?
I’d say my brand is a non-specific genre, Pop with Southern roots. Because I have a love for Country music, the Southern roots definitely come out in my writing, but I always fall into using Pop/RnB chord progressions and melodies, which in a way, makes my sound, my own.

How would you describe a Dom Colizzi fan?
The typical Dom Colizzi fan goes to a Dan + Shay concert on a Friday night with cowgirl boots, then goes to a T-Pain concert on Saturday with a snapback! Haha

What gives you the most joy when you are on stage?
I would say I get the most joy when I turn a stranger into a believer; if somebody hasn’t heard me before I hit the stage, and by the end of my set they are a fan, I’ve done my job!

Tell us about your best performance you’ve ever had? How about the worst?
The best performance I’ve ever had was on the first show of my Red Rum Music Festival Tour back in 2020. Due to Covid restrictions, our only audience was virtual, so it made performing more of a challenge. I decided to just bring an acoustic guitar player to jam with and keep everything stripped so the main focus is just singing the heck out of every song. I brought out an energy I haven’t tapped into before. The worst performance was at a college show…they forgot that they double booked an event with an Artist far bigger than me on the same night, so we played for 4 people (my wife being one of them) in a giant performing arts center. We still gave them a show and had fun doing it, but it was definitely a memorable experience!

If you weren’t playing guitar, what instrument would you most have liked to have played?
Piano is actually my favorite instrument to play! I don’t typically play it on stage as often as I’d like to, so that will definitely have to change moving forward. I always wish that I learned violin so I could play it on my own records.

What does Dom Colizzi like to do when he’s not making music?
When I’m not making music, I’m either being a Dad or at the gym. Sports Nutrition and Personal Training is in my background, so I use the gym to gather my thoughts and prepare for the day. It also helps with anxiety and depression, which is something I battle.

What is up next for you in 2021?
This is the first year I’ve ever released back to back music that I co-wrote and produced, so I will absolutely be releasing far more music. I’ll also be taking an Entrepreneurial approach to the business and promoting a big music festival in Augusta, Maine at the Civic Center on September 4th.