Dante Palminteri’s “Brunettes” is Pure Fun

NY based singer/songwriter and actor Dante Palminteri has just unveiled his latest single and it’s all about attraction and lust. 

Entitled “Brunettes,” the catchy alt-rock number details the kind of lady that Dante is into – dangerous, cheeky, and up for a good time. With an attention demanding chorus and slick rock’n’roll landscapes highlighting the dynamic bass, “Brunettes” is the perfect anthem for that summer fling. 

Born into a successful entertainment family, Dante Palminteri has engrossed himself into the creative industry.  Not only is he a phenomenal singer and songwriter, but he is also an accomplished actor, landing roles in Orange is the New Black and Sharknado 2, among others. 
“Brunettes” marks a new musical path for Dante, releasing music that is more gritty, rock and alternative.