Check Out Mister Vershawn

How should you feel while listening to this joint? Reminiscent? Lustful? Uptempo?

On Mister Vershawn’s track, Real, it’s easy to get caught up in a bevy of emotions. Just as life is, everything doesn’t stay consistent, everything isn’t predictable. Simply put, the feelings that arise are real. 

The guitar is played beautifully throughout this piece. Not only do the riffs establish a solid melody, but they accompany the vocals in a heartfelt manner. Shelly Makaveli’s timbre and sense of vocal color, is prevalent in his performance. Coupled with vivid lyricism, there’s no letdown between the instrumentation and lead vocals.

Vershawn’s percussion usage establishes a heavy presence in the composition— a sound that he flourishes in curating/creating. His potent use of percussions can be found on other cuts like “Fresco,” and  “Just Got Paid.” Those pieces will get you on the dancefloor, but, Real, will have many pondering about their lover, along with forcing them to two-step. Ever cried while dancing? No? Just me? Well, listen to this piece and tell me if your answer is the same.